Domain Controls

Full WHOIS Control
A domain's WHOIS record serves as a domain's proof of ownership with all the details provided by the registrant upon purchasing the domain name. As a domain name owner you will have the privilege to personally update the WHOIS details from the Domain Manager section of your hosting account whenever needed. The Whois Record has several components such as Registrant, Administrative, Billing and Technical Contact. It is absolutely crucial that your technical and administrative contact be kept completely up to date, so that you could have full control over your domain name at any time.

Full DNS Control
The most vital part of domain name management is having total control over the domain's DNS settings. Once you register a domain name with us, or transfer an existing domain to our registrar, then a primary and a secondary DNS settings will be automatically assigned to the domain in accordance with the server, where your web hosting account is housed. You will be free to edit them at any time, thus pointing your domain to any other host of your choice. The estimated propagation time is about 24 hours.

A & MX Records Control
As a domain name owner you are empowered to set custom A and MX records for your domain and subdomain names, thus redirecting the web or mail traffic to another server. With an A record you can point Internet traffic to a different IP address. For instance, you can use an "A record" to designate a subdomain of your domain to send traffic to your web site at IP address By default, all the e-mail for your domain is handled by company site's mail server, but you can always choose to have another mail server handle your e-mail flow.

Whois Protection
This is a very useful feature, which ensures that your private contact information is not exposed. It lets you mask your Whois details, by switching your public domain registration to a private unlisted registration.

Domain Locking & EPP Key
With this option being activated your domain is protected against any unsolicited actions such as unauthorized transfer to a different registrar. When the domain is registered with us or transferred to our registrar, we automatically lock it for the sake of security, but you will be free to activate its status whenever you wish with just one click from your Domain Manager. You will need a domain's EPP Key whenever you decide to transfer your domain name away to another registrar.

Unlimited Parked Domains
This option will allow you to park your newly registered or transferred domain name with Lonex and leave it until you are ready to use it. You may choose a parking page that your site's visitors will see, or choose your parked domain to redirect them to a different web address.

E-mail Service
The domain name registration or transfer comes along with a full-featured e-mail service that gives you total control over your electronic correspondence via: POP3/IMAP and SMTP server, Auto-Responder, E-mail forwarding, E-mail Filters, Anti-Spam and SPF Protection, Mailing Lists, etc.

Status Alerts
You will be kept updated in regards to any change in the status of the services that you have activated with us. We will be sending you warning e-mails about upcoming expiration of your plan and domain names, growing traffic consumption, critical cpu usage etc., so that you could have time to take the right decision before it is too late.