Web Hosting

Taking your business online can be a trying time. With GESIC Computers USA, the setup is simple and straightfoward. You'll have all the tools necessary to build a robust website and in addition, you'll find that we are happy to assist you. Let us help you achieve your online goals.

You may find that your hosting needs also include:

Data-Ready Systems

When business needs increase and greater demands are placed on servers, the requirements for power, floor space, resources, storage and recovery go up, as do the costs. This creates headaches for companies and diverts focus from the business-critical tasks at hand. GESIC Computers USA can help.

Disaster Recovery

Today, more than ever, businesses are at risk. As companies increasingly rely on intangible assets (i.e. information and applications that run on IT infrastructure) it is critical to have a plan in place before disaster strikes. Whether trouble comes in the form of a natural event, mass failure or even sabotage, right now is the time to prepare.


Businesses today increasingly rely on data and its availability in order to conduct business. When data is lost and unrecoverable, the business hemmorhages money and potentially customers. Our Backup Services work diligently to effectively protect your most valuable business asset, your data. GESIC Computers USA works closely with you to understand the data protection needs of your business and designs and manages a backup service that meets your business needs at the best TCO (total cost of ownership) achievable.

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