Digital Marketing Services

We take great pride in helping to enhance and unify our clients' business image. It is our opinion that a unified front helps to win in the business wars. Let us design your business cards, customer mailouts and promotional items to further enhance your company's status.

We offer:

Business Card Design Make A Distinct Impression

It is your business ambassador. It is the one and only chance to make your first impression and because you are giving it away, it is a lasting impression. We will work with you to provide options to develop a card which expresses your manner of conducting business. The end result should be a professional business card that delivers a distinct impression on your prospective clients

Brochures & Flyers

Also known as the "Convincer," an effective brochure or flyer provides more in-depth information than your business card can. It allows your prospective customer to make a more informed decision about your product or service. Our goal is to assist you in developing an informational piece that defines why your product or service is superior to the competition.

Website Solutions

GESIC has extensive experience in creating complex internet applications and portal sites. We have a particular emphasis on security and reliability. Our web consultants have been developing websites since 1995, and are expert in many web-specific methodologies. Our focus is on ease-of-use systems that have proven themselves to be robust.

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